The Best Plants For Your Kitchen -- Everyone who loves nature understands the value and appeal of houseplant. Especially for those who want to add a splash of natural color to their home. In the kitchen, too, plants will breathe new life into the space and make it feel so airy. 

Here are some modern kitchen decorating ideas that will delight you and inspire you to incorporate nature into every space in your kitchen. Keep reading for the best plants for your kitchen.

1. Heartleaf philodendron


The best kitchens are stylish and bring a splash of refreshing color to your cooking space. You can start by adding a philodendron heartleaf to your kitchen. Glossy, heart-shaped green leaves thrive in moist, bright indirect light. Grow this plant to have stunning dangling leaves for a more stylish kitchen. 

2. Spider plant


Before choosing plants, find out first how the condition of your kitchen is. If your kitchen is warm but humid, spider plants are a good choice. Spider plants thrive in such a kitchen. Place the plants in bright to moderate indirect sunlight spot. Thus, they will grow well as this lush.  

3. Boston fern


Boston fern requires a cool environment with high humidity and indirect light. With the conditions mentioned, the kitchen can be any place they want. These plants can be hung on bamboo woven baskets to keep them cool. Mist daily if you feel the air in the kitchen is too dry.  

4. Herbs


You may want a practical and edible kitchen, which brings a handful of fresh ingredients into the kitchen. A smart choice for growing herbs in the kitchen. Use planters with drainage holes and place them in a sunny spot for them to thrive. This a creative and healthy way to 'spice it' up your kitchen.

5. Monstera Deliciosa


Give your kitchen a one-of-kind natural touch. Opt for growing a monstera deliciosa plant in the kitchen. Keep the plant in an area that gets medium to bright indirect light. This plant will add style to the empty kitchen space.  

6. Rubber plant


Looking for plants that tolerant to any indoor conditions? Rubber plants are a smart choice. You can place this plant in a low-light kitchen spot or with a medium indirect light. This plant will continue to grow well and has the potential to purify the air. 

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