Snake Plant Benefits, Varieties, Care, and Propagate -- Recently, are you interested in snake plant or sansevieria? It's never too late to find important practical about snake plants. We've rounded up some nurturing ideas and tricks that will help your snake plant grow well and happily. More details in snake plant benefits, varieties, care and propagate. 

What are the benefits of snake plants? 


Benefits are the first issue. Snake plants are houseplant with range of benefits. Snake plant is proven to absorb 100 types of pollutants. This plant will purify the air and make you breathe a fresh air. 

Snake plant also produce oxygen at night. Makes it a great bedroom plat. In terms of popular belief, snake plants are among the indoor plants that invites good fortune to their owners.

What varieties of snake plants are there? 

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There are at least 700 known species of snake plant. You may have snake plants with upright leaves, such as sansevieria trifasciata (the most common type of snake plant). There are also varieties of snake plant with short green leaves with thick, such as sansevieria starfish.  

How to care for snake plant?


Snake plants are hardy plants. They can grow with minimal care, even with neglect. The plant grow happily both in full sun or low light. Don't water too often. Allow the soil to dry completely for the next watering. You are also not recommended to mist the leaves, as it will trigger leaf rot. 

How to propagate the snake plant? 


There are several ways to propagate snake plants. You can do it from a snake plant seed or water propagation. 

Let's discuss about water propagation! You can cut the healthy leaves and place them in water. Change the water if it is cloudy and allow roots to grow from the submerged leaf pieces. 

Propagate from seed


Snake plants can be grown from seeds, despite being less common than water propagation. The first thing is about seed germination preparation. Place the clean seeds in ziplock bag after spreading them out on a wet paper towel. Keep the temperature warm around 65 - 75 F. Once the roots are out, gently move them into the potting soil. 

Things to avoid for snake plant care


Despite being a hardy and resilient plant, snake plant can be unhappy and eventually die. Overwatering is something you should avoid. In snake plant, this can cause root rot and disease. The freezing temperature has a negative impact significantly on the health of this plant. 

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