Plant Care Tips You Should Know for the Winter Season -- Winter may not be the best season for your houseplants, especially tropical ones. Despite not being the best season, plants in this season do not require complicated care. There are some steps that you must endure not to take. What exactly are they? Find it in plant care tips you should know for the winter season.

Stop! Don't repot!


Repotting needs to be done to give the roots of growing plants more room. When the roots begin to emerge from the drainage holes, it is time to repot in a larger pot. Unfortunately, repotting is not a good idea in the winter. This is because winter causes slower growth than usual. Repotting will stress the plant and cause it to suffer during the winter. 

Drop and reduce watering!


Some plants are completely dormant during the winter. Plants will need to drink less. Reduce the amount of water you give the plants on a regular basis. Overwatering will lead to root rot problems. This also applies to fertilizers. Plants need very little fertilizer in winter. 

Keep away from window glass


During the winter, the weathers cools the windows and the house. Previously, windows sill were a plant's favorite place. but not in winter. 

Keep the plant away from the window glass and avoid the leaves to touch the it. Plants will be cold and make them tormented. If you still want to put plants around the window, add curtains or covers to keep the cold out. 

Bring them closer!


Cold weather will chill your plants as well. Huddle plants together for warmth. You can put a plant humidifier to keep the air humidity from being to dry the plants. This will help the plants survive in winter

Worry less if the leaves fall


Don't worry too much if your favorite plants drop their leaves! It could be part of their life cycle. It is also normal for leaves to fall during the winter. It will naturally keep the plants alive during the colder and darker days.

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