Looking For A Truly Unique Houseplant? Meet The Flowering Bromeliads

Homiful.com -- This tropical plant has a cool, exotic look in your home. Not only does it have leaves that won't pollute your house, this plant also has beautiful flowers to make your home more colorful. A few things you should know about this plant, Looking For A Truly Unique Houseplant? Meet The Flowering Bromeliads.


Although bromeliads are typically found growing on trees, they can also be grown in pots at home. The choice of pot is simple; it does not need to be too deep or large because they prefer a shallow area with a soil composition that includes orchids, moss, and bark.




Although it appears difficult, caring for this plant is not too difficult. Because it prefers moisture, it must be placed carefully so that the plants do not dry out. In addition to paying attention to the plant's location, you should become accustomed to regular watering, or you can place the pot in a container filled with water and gravel so that the roots are not submerged in water. 


This plant tolerates dry conditions well in terms of watering. However, you must also consider the amount of light and the temperature. Water the bromeliad cup regularly and don't let the plant dry out. Because bromeliads are epiphytic plants, they require regular watering.


There are numerous ways to care for bromeliads. Some people can tolerate bright light, but others will burn quickly. However, for optimal light intake, it should be placed in medium and indirect light. When the leaves turn yellow, this indicates that they are getting too much light and should be moved.


Flowers will bloom depending on the length of the day, humidity, fertilization, and watering of these bromeliads. If you can't wait for them to bloom, store them in a clear plastic bag with ripe apples for up to 10 days. Why the apple? Because apples emit ethylene gas when they decompose. Attempting this trick also necessitates special skill and attention.

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