Best Indoor Plants For All Types of Households --  Find the best plants to add freshness and color to your home. Along with easy-to-follow tips, you'll find indoor plants and the right way to make them last well in your home. 

There are numerous indoor plant options for all types of households. While a spiky plants such as aloe vera would look great as your table plant, a large unique leaved Monstera work fantastically for brighten up an awkward corner. 


Croton will dazzle you with its mix of amber, orange, yellow tones on thick dark green foliage. The striking foliage will instantly make your space more colorful. This plant likes sunny spots, such as southern, western, or eastern window. When the humidity is too low, mist the leaves and water it once a week to keep them happy indoors. 

Dracena Reflexa


The Song of India is another name for Dracaena reflexa. It is one of the best hardy plants that can grow in all conditions. Dracaena reflexa prefers medium to bright with indirect light, making it a favorite indoor plant. Allow the soil to dry during watering. Good growth will it to grow as a tree. 

Swiss Cheese Plant


What's not to love about the Swiss Cheese Plant or Monstera Deliciosa? Their green leaves have holes in them naturally, and their deep green color gives off a tropical vibe. This is an indoor plant that make a big impact on your space. Monstera deliciosa grow wells in high humidity, so it's a good idea to place it in a steamy bathroom or kitchen.

Aloe vera 'hedgehog'


It's time for you to own an exotic desert plant. Hedgehog aloe is a forgiving succulent. This spiky plant is great for a beginner plant lover or for a hectic household. Hedgehog aloe vera will produce coral-red flowers in the spring and late summer. Bright indirect light is ideal for their growing. Allow the soil to dry 100% for the next watering.

Tradescantia Zebrina


Tradescantia zebrina is a hardy perennial that will thrive in any indoor household. Its purple foliage will add a pop of color to any room. Use mix well draining pot and give more indirect light to get the exotic stripes pattern on the purple leaves. 

Lucky bamboo


Choose hardy and easy going plants that are suitable for all types of households. One of the best recommendations is lucky bamboo plant. You can grow it on well-drained soil, or even grow the plant in water. Lucky bamboo will provide a supply of clean and fresh air, it also works well as a living decor. 

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