Best Fruits You Can Grow from Seeds and Leftovers in Kitchen -- When you are peeling fruit, do you think to have it yourself with the seeds you get. Don't throw away the fruit seeds you have. You can grow it into a new tree and expect it to bear fruit. For some fruits you can grow from seed and leftovers from the kitchen, check out Best Fruits You Can Grow from Seeds and Leftovers in Kitchen to fill your spare time.



 In addition to the yellow fruit, pineapple also has stiff and sharp leaves. Most people will throw away the leaves and just enjoy the fresh fruit. Don't throw it away right away, because you can grow new shoots.
Prepare a jar filled with water to soak the parts with water. Leave it until there are many roots, then immediately transfer it to the pot and wait for it to grow a new pineapple.





Avocado seeds are also a part that is often overlooked. You can make them seeds for avocado trees that you can plant in your backyard garden. You can use the same way with pineapples by using a bottle or jar filled with water. 

However, you can also leave it in a pot filled with soil to produce new shoots. This avocado will be very fast and easy to grow into small buds and emerge leaves from behind the seeds.





If you have a small seed, you can grow it into an apple tree that will bear lots of fruit. Separate the seeds from the apple and try not to damage them with your knife. Then, dry the apple seeds before planting. You can plant it directly in fertile soil or grow the roots first using a tissue that you have moistened.





To grow watermelon from seeds, you need to prepare the seeds that you have taken from the fruit. Wash the watermelon seeds, so they are clean, then you can immediately plant them in the soil that has been mixed with fertilizer. Water regularly until small shoots appear to the soil surface.





Having almost the same steps as before, you need to wash the lemon seeds thoroughly and then dry them. You can use the seeds peeled or not. Then, you can directly plant it in a pot or grow the shoots first on a tissue that you have moistened. Spray the seeds in the pot so that they are moist and grow faster.




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