8 Houseplants That Purify Your Homes Air

Homiful.com -- Want to breathe fresh, clean air at home? Beside the air purifier machine, you could try putting a plant. House plants have been shown to absorb air pollutants and purify the air. Plants will also beautify your room with their lovely appearance. Find more houseplants with their magical ability in 8 houseplants that purify your homes air.

1. Red-edged dracaena


Dracena marginata is known as the dragon tree. As the name implies, this plant has bright red trim leaves that add a splash of color to your home. Red-edge dracaena grow wells as an indoor plant with moderate to bright, indirect light. These slow-growing plants fight trichloroethylene and xylene well.

2. Rubber plant


Rubber plants have an attractive appearance with its shiny leaves. The variety known as the ficus Black Prince rubber plant will add drama to your home. NASA has recommended the rubber plant as the best plant for cleansing the air. 

3. Calathea


A calathea plant with uniquely patterned green leaves will leave anyone stunned. Calathea brings exotic vibes into your room. This plant is effective at filtering out many toxic compounds. It will provide you with fresh, clean air to breathe. This lovely plant prefers warm and sunny spot, with indirect light.

4. The flamingo lily


Add a natural pop of color to your home. Get yourself a flamingo lily plant. This will make you smile with its fresh green leaves and heart-shaped red leaves that resemble flowers. This beautiful plant is also excellent for air purification. 

5. Aloe vera


Nobody is unfamiliar with aloe vera. A plant that's well-known for its medical healing. This plant can also work as an air purifying plant. The thick leaves absorbs carbon dioxide an carbon monoxide. Thus, aloe vera plant will boost the oxygen level at home. 

6. Parlor palm


Parlor palm is one of NASA's top recommended plants for cleansing the air. These plants are great for removing pollutants, such as benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air. They make excellent corner or table plants. The green leaves will also give off a tropical vibe.

7. English Ivy


These vines are so effective at reducing airborne fecal matter, a great idea for placing the plant in the bathroom. English ivy can also help to combat mold at home. Water regularly and give 4 hours of direct sunlight every day to keep the plant happy. 

8. Spider plant


Beginners or even expert love spider plants. This plant is so easy to care for. The leaves can also reduce xylene and carbon monoxide. It's also an animal friendly plant, so it's safe if you have pets.  

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