7 Unique and Beautiful Houseplants You May Have at Home

Homiful.com -- Plants are becoming more popular, with many new varieties emerging and being used as unique and beautiful house plants. Having beautiful ornamental plants will amaze and possibly entice anyone. Check out 7 Unique and Beautiful Houseplants You May Have at Home for a list of plants you should have.


This Ardisia is unusual among houseplants and is rarely seen. This plant's unique and eye-catching red seeds are its main draw. This plant prefers medium to bright light and high humidity. The tips of the leaves turn brown when the air is too dry. Because this plant is poisonous, keep it away from your pets.


Areca Palm

Although many are grown as outdoor plants, they can also be easily grown indoors. Give this plant the best care possible by watering it on a regular basis to keep the soil moist. Because this plant can grow larger, you will need to repot it every two to three years to keep the nutrients stable.



Begonia Maculata

This begonia is also a house plant with beautiful leaves that is easy to care for. Place it in a warm, bright location, such as near a window. You can put it in the bathroom or kitchen for humidity. Another option is to keep it moist but not submerged in a pebble tray filled with water.

Caladium Carolyn

 Caladium is a perennial plant that comes in a variety of colors and patterns on its leaves. Many people have it as a beautiful house plant in addition to planting it in the garden. To keep it from rotting, provide bright lighting and avoid overwatering.


Sansevieria Cylindrica

You will notice that the snake plant has a different shape than usual. The stem of this plant is tough and long. Many people braid it to create a one-of-a-kind look as a room decoration. do not water it too often, because this plant is very clever to survive. Giving it too much water will damage it.



Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera is a popular ornamental plant that is owned by many plant enthusiasts. Caring for it is also simple; water it every 1-2 weeks or mark it so that when the water surface dries, you water it. Water more when the light is bright and less when the light is dim.



Peperomia Rosso

Peperomia Rosso is one of the most stunning varieties. The upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are different colors, and the flowers are unique. When the soil surface is dry, place it in a bright area with indirect light and water it.



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