7 Plants for the First-Time Plant Parent

Homiful.com --  Seeing pictures of well-kept house plants is enjoyable. Especially if you begin to pursue the same goal. Don't be afraid to start being a parent for houseplants. House plants will reward you with freshness. However, if you doubt a plant will die in your hands, consider having one or more of these 7 easy plants for the first-time plant parent.

Neon pothos


Think about getting a pothos plant. This plant is simple to grow. Just make sure, the soil in the pot is slightly moist. Give watering when the top soil dries, every 1-2 weeks. This plant requires medium to bright light. The yellow green foliage will give it a refreshing tropical vibe. 



You may know the dieffenbachia plant as dumb cane. The green leaves with their silvery white streaks might fool you. The dumb cane, on the other hand, is a hardy plant. This plant like filtered light, so it's suitable for you to use it as a table plant or a window plant. 

Weeping fig tree


Weeping fig tree plants will bring you happiness. It's a plant with silvery white (variegated) green foliage that's visually appealing. Keep the weeping fig in well-drained soil. This tropical plant prefers bright, direct sunlight. Water the plant only when the topsoil is dry. 

Japanese sago palm


Need a mini palm tree at home? Get a Japanese sago palm! Grown outside, the plant can grow as tress with thick, pointed leaves. However, they can also be brought inside. Grown in pots with indirect bright light to keep them happy. It's also a drought-resistant plant. 

Dragon tree


Dragon tree (Dracaena draco) will round your creativity. They look great on a DIY basketball pot like this one. It's also the easiest plant to grow indoors. Even on of those very hard to kill. Watering them once a week keeps them happy.  

Chinese evergreen


Chinese evergreen is distinguished by its elongated green leaves with a silvery pattern in the center. This green plant prefers bright with indirect light. Give compost or fertilizes once a month to make it grow as beautiful as this. 



Chamaedorea is one of the best resilient plants. The plant tolerates full sun, but prefer partial shade. Grows well at room temperature, if you feel comfortable in that space, so will this elegance palm. Water this plant only when the top soil is completely dry. 

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