7 Luxurious Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors

 Homiful.com - Many people say that if you can't live in the tropics, you can bring tropic things to your dwelling. Like the plants for the example. You can grow them at your house, such as outdoor or indoor area. 

Not only bring tropic vibes, they have beautiful looks and remind you for the next vacation. Here we have 7 Luxurious Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors that you can try. Check it out!

Dracaena Marginata


Native to Madagascar, Dracaena marginata commonly called with dragon tree. They have spiky upright leaves, provides a fascinating contrast. And this tropical plant can grow at indoor and easily fits in narrow area.

Bird of Paradise


The leaves shape look similar, bird of paradise not related with banana tree. They also belong to different family. While bird of paradise classified as Strelitzia nicolai, and banana tree classified as Musa acuminata

But, you can grow bird of paradise at indoor and bring tropical accent. Native to Eastern South Africa, bird of paradise easily adapts to various light conditions in any type of home.

Chinese Fan Palm


Including extremely hardy plants, Chinese fan palm perfect for beginner that looking for hardy-to-kill plants. This houseplant originating from China and Japan. They easily tolerate with colder condition and doesn't require frequent watering.

Mini Monstera (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma)


Grow in tropical rain forest condition and originates in Malaysia and Thailand, this Rhaphidophora tetrasperma can bring tropical vibes at your indoor area. This houseplant enjoys abundant indirect light, so you can put them near the windows for ideal spot. 

Watering Rhaphidophora tetrasperma at least once a week in the summer and once a month in winter.

Burgundy Rubber Plant


The leaves from this rubber plant look glossy and shine in bright sunlight. Native to South America, Burgundy rubber plant, perfect to put at your indoor for dramatic and beautiful looks. 

Burgundy Rubber plant can grow to be 40-feet tall in wild, but for houseplant that put at indoor can grow to a few feet tall.

Moth Orchid


Moth orchid can grow at your indoor that bring tropical accent. Like many tropical plants, this houseplant can thrive in humid environments and boost the humidity around. Partially fill the tray with water, make sure the orchid is sitting well above the water line.

Money Tree


Include tropical houseplant, Money Tree native to swamps of Central and South America. But this houseplant popular in Asia. And Money tree perfect for Feng Shui that also highly rated as an air purifying plant.

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