7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Jars & Bottles

 Homiful.com - Growing plants in jar or bottles can save the budget and bring efficient. Other way, use this reuse concept at your indoor garden can help reduce global warming due to the large amount of waste produced. 

And here we have 7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Jars & Bottles that can learn and apply at your home area.



Herbs here like mint, parsley, basil, sage, thyme, and other. You can grow them in a used bottle or jar easily. And also, you can put them in the kitchen with light source or near windowsill or hang on the wall. It can bring efficient and saving more space.

Cyrtomium falcatum


This indoor plant perfect for beginner because easy to care. They display shiny green leaflets that pair really well with other bright houseplants. Cyrtomium falcatum survive in well-draining soil and indirect light.



Houseplant with has attractive look, Tradescantia can grow in jar or bottles. And also, they can grow in hanging basket that can bring efficient at your home area. This houseplant has striped colorful and delicate foliage, looks charming in bottles too.



Other popular indoor plants that can grow in bottle or jar is succulent. They have small, cute, and colorful looks with variety shaped and sizes. Besides grow in jar or bottle, they also can put at hanging basket or put on the wall. 

Thick stem that store water, you can water them only when the soil seems very dry to avoid overwatering. Add charcoal or beautiful corals in the bottom of succulents for a drainage layer.

Cat Grass / Wheatgrass


Has botanical name Thinopyrum intermedium, Cat grass or wheatgrass can grow in bottle or jar. Get a mason jar that serves as a perfect planter. 

Grow this indoor plant from seeds for easy. Keep the soil of wheatgrass damp and place the jar in the shade for soft leaves.



Pothos or Epipremnum aureum is the houseplant that popular to grow at indoor. Growing pothos in jar or bottle is easy as the plant has very few demands. 

Hang this pothos that can make efficient and save more space at your home.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera brings more benefit at your home. With the thick foliage or stem that has function to store the water like succulent. 

Grow them in jar or bottle and put at indoor area. Young aloe vera can be grown in smaller glass jars easily.

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