7 Genius Ways to Make Your Small Garden Picture-Perfect

Homiful.com -- A garden can be a healing retreat at home. A place to unwind, get some fresh air, and see a fresh view that will frees you from the chaos of your mind.

It makes no difference if you only have a small garden. You can make it as lovely as possible, even worth to post on your social media. Find out how in 7 genius ways to make your small garden picture-perfect.

1. Fill the spaces with plants


No matter how small the garden, plants will always brighten it up. Vines or potted plants that grow shady will give such a healing sensation. Plants make a small garden in the smallest corner a cool place to read or enjoy the breeze while sipping your favorite tea. 

2. Get a beautifully decorated pergola


Own a beautifully decorated pergola, if you love a well-designed garden and have a great night out. The pergola will be an invitation to reflect and unwind. Install curtain lights that warm the night atmosphere in the garden. It's a worthy investment to enjoy the night. 

3. Get a stunning seat


Your garden is incomplete without a seat. Get a seat as well as a decorative element in the garden. Opt for a white blue hanging egg chair. This chair make a small balcony garden a perfect place to take a selfie. It also enhance the visual appeal of the green atmosphere.  

4. Create a striking contrast


Ordinary small gardens look extraordinary with a nice color contrast. The contrast between deep red and bright yellow is an eye-catching element here. The walls in red and the dark blue windows will be the right background for the yellow folding chairs that add the garden's spirit. 

5. Decorate the pergola with plants


A pergola is a great way to make your garden stand out. You can have a pergola like this with a black painted frame. The various green plants that grow there will look great against the black background. Finally, a small garden will be your best place for contemplation and leisure. 

6. No more space? Use vertical space


Running out of space to pursue your gardening hobby? Simply use the vertical space to place potted plants. To avoid damaging the dividing wall, use a strong but elegant plant holder, as shown in the picture. 

7. Get creative with plants


A small corner can be beautifully decorated. You just need to be creative and know what types of plants are suitable for outdoor areas, weather sunny or shady area. For a shady corner, choose tropical plants, such as colocasia or tradescantia that give your small corner an exotic purple and black vibe. 

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