7 Fruit That Grow Well in Home Gardens

Helloshabby.com -- Fruitful plants are more appealing to some people. Plants that are lovingly cared for will reward you with ripe and ready-to-eat fruit. Growing fruit is also an excellent way to get fresh and healthy food. Start with choose one or more of the 7 fruits that grow well in home gardens.

1. Strawberry 


Our first option is strawberries. Everyone loves this deep pink-red fruit with refreshing sweet or sour flavor. Growing strawberries is also a great idea for small landowners. This plant grows well low in containers. Strawberries thrive in deep sandy loam soil rich in organic matter. 

2. Lemon tree


Lemons are a versatile fruit. This sour fruit works well in fresh lemonade or as a flavor enhancer. You can also grow lemon trees inside. Place them in a spot with plenty of sunlight, give the plants regular watering, and bring them outside in the summer. 

3. Pineapple


Pineapple is not difficult to grow, but it does take time to bear fruit. You need at least 24 months for them to flower and bear fruit, depending on their growing conditions. Pineapples prefer bright and direct light, making them ideal for your home garden. When the pineapple emerges from the center of the plant, it even looks so cute. 

4. Grape 


Need plants to fill the vertical space in your kitchen? Then, grapes or vines are the best option. This fruit plant grow vines on its support. When it grow this lushly, the plant will become a shade and kitchen freshener. Make sure they get plenty of sun and fertilize them so they can bear fruit quickly. 

5. Mulberry tree


Mulberry is a low-maintenance tree. It can be propagated through cuttings or seeding. The method of cutting will allow getting mulberry fruits faster. Within one year you can harvest mulberry crops 6-7 times. Be sure to provide them with a good potted medium with nutrient-rich compost.  

6. Melon


Melon is the best plant for homegrown fruit. Melon doesn't always need  a lot of space, it can even grows well on container. Melon need sun and heat to thrive. It is better to grow it in the ground or low container to get larger melons. 

7. Dwarf banana


Bananas are tropical plants. It is a little difficult to grow outside of its native climate. However, you can try planting dwarf bananas. This plant can flower from 9-15 months and 6 months later to produce bananas. Place the dwarf banana tree in full sun 4-6 hours per day. 

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