7 Fabulous Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Garden

 Homiful.com - Having an autumn garden at home can make beautiful between fall plants in this season. Many plants that you can have in your garden. 

Some will bloom only in fall, while others will start earlier in the season and continue nonstop right-up until first frost. Check these 7 Fabulous Fall Flowers To Plant In Your Garden that can apply at your home. 



Including perennial fall flowers, you can plant Aster in your garden area. The flowers look like daisy in cool shade such purple, pink, blue, and white. 

They can grow in full sun area and bloom in August through October. And this flowers also important late season nectar source for foraging bees and butterflies.

Golden Rod (Solidago spp.)


Call with golden rod because they have yellow flowers that can attract the view. Beautiful native wildflower that has made from prairie to the perennial garden can improve your home. Growing in a full sun area, the flowers can bloom in late summer to mid-fall.

Chrysanthemum grandiflorum


Chrysanthemum is best to plant in spring, but fall is time to shine their flower that bring beautiful view. Other way, this plant can bloom from September until frost. 

Growing in full sun area, you can grow them at outdoor or indoor garden spot. They also have grown 1 to 3-feet tall.

Dahlia 'Bishop of leicester'


Dahlia is the flower that produced in abundance from June to October. Prefer plant in sunny location, you can put this flowers at outdoor garden or patio or porch area. In the area with cold, dig up the dahlia and store in potting compost over the winter.

Autumn Crocus (Colchicum spp.)


Can grow in full sun to partial shade, Autumn crocus has large flowers range from pale purple to pure white. They arise from the ground on bare stems free of foliage, which the emerges and dies back in advance of the flowers in spring. 

The flowers of this plant can bloom in September to October. So, if you plant them in the garden in late summer, they will bloom just a few weeks later.

Japanese Anemone


Japanese anemone commonly can call with windflower. It because the flowers bob and sway in the breeze. The flowers of this plant usually have sport single or double in shades of white, pink, or purple, with yellow stamens. 

You can grow them in the area with full sun to partial shade, and they can bloom in August through October.

Sunflower (Helianthus annus cultivars and hybrids)


Like their name, sunflower can grow in full sun area that usually bloom in summer until frost. The flower of this plant look like cheery daisy and the large can reach up to 10-inches across. 

Besides yellow, the color that you can see from the flowers of this plant are red, rosy pink, orange, bronze, creamy white, and bicolored. And for the prominent, seed heads range in color from light green to chocolate brown.

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