7 Creative Ways on How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants

 Homiful.com - Getting a fun and quirky home area with plants is alternative. No need more budget to design this idea. Look at these 7 Creative Ways on How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants. Just check it out!

Plants in Bathroom to Absorb Pollutant


Bathroom with slanted roof make narrow if you don't know how to design and decorate it. You can make windows in this slanted roof to let the sun enter at bathroom area. Then, put some plants at this bathroom that can help to absorb pollutant can make the bathroom has good air quality.

Put Plants That Grow in Water Near the Sink Area


Sink area that include hang mirror and cabinet make monotonous design, maybe? Then, you can equip the decoration at this area with put some houseplant. You can put the houseplants that grow in soil or water media. Put the houseplant above the cabinet or hang for efficient and save more space.

Hang Your Houseplants at Moveable Rack


Do you have many houseplants at indoor? Then, arrange it nicely for tidy and clean area. You can put the houseplant at rack or hang it for saving space. 

You also can buy or make your own moveable rack like the picture. Next, put and hang your houseplants in this rack. This moveable rack also can use as barrier at living room and next room area.

Decorate Interior by Plants Above Hang Rack


Hang a rack on the wall and use it for storage or display some ornaments can make your home have charm lively. You also can put the plants at this hang rack for fresh room area. Or put the plants above rack if this hang rack full of items.

Kitchen with Plants Make Fresh Air


Kitchen identical with smoke that resulting from cook activity. And also has bad smells that sometimes make us not feel at home to linger in the kitchen. Then, you can reduce it with install kitchen chimney to reduce smoke while you're cooking. 

Or, you can put some plants that help kitchen have fresh and good air quality by absorb the pollutant and produce the oxygen.

Small Balcony Decorating with Plants


Small balcony is not a reason why don't need design and decoration nicely. Although it has small size, you can make clever tricks for comfort balcony area. 

Like decorate it with a small garden, or hang some vines on the wall. You also can minimize the furniture at this small balcony to reduce narrow accent.

Hang Your Houseplant at Bedroom


Placing plants at bedroom is important. They can make your bedroom have good air quality, increase your sleep, and many benefits. You can put the plants at tabletop or at windowsill or hang it. It's up to you about placing the plants at bedroom area.

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