7 Amazing Types Of Calathea Plants To Grow At Home

 Homiful.com - Calathea is a popular houseplant that must collect at your home. Besides has beautiful and attractive foliage, they can make fresh ambience at your home area. And here we have some of 7 Amazing Types Of Calathea Plants To Grow At Home. Let's learn it!

Calathea Orbifolia


Has large size, the foliage of calathea orbifolia is an elegant species with silvery striped foliage. Native to rainforests of Bolivia, this species can be a bit more challenging to grow indoors. Because its large leaves can cause the plant to dry out quickly.

Calathea vittata


Calathea vittata or calathea elliptica has narrow stripes of white and dark green mark the elliptical-shaped leaves. 

And this calathea species have an almost marble appearance with a pattern that has a slight curve and swirl from the center of the leaf toward the outer, upper edge.

Calathea makoyana


Can call with peacock plant, Calathea makoyana has highly ornate leaves that feature a rim of dark green and alternating brushstrokes. They also have a vibrant purple underside, and mature plants sometimes feature pink uppersides as well.

Calathea crocata


Besides has attractive foliage, this calathea species, beloved for stunning blossoms that often stay in bloom for up to 3 months at a time. 

The flower of this calathea crocata or eternal flame plant look yellowish-orange in color and have spiky-shaped leaves. They are native to Brazil that grow in healthiest in a warm and humid environments.

Calathea louisae


It has another name with Thai Beauty Calathea, this Calathea species native to Rio de Janeiro in southeastern Brazil. Their foliage creates a slightly mesmerizing look. 

The striped leaves sprout in a rosette shape with pointed leaves and stripes that make a hypnotizing swirl.

Calathea rattlesnake


Calathea lancifolia or rattlesnake plant is one of only a few with leaves with ruffled edges. Native to Brazil, their leaves look bright green, long, and narrow. 

Their feature a striking pattern of deep green dashes that alternate along either side of each leaf's centerline. This plant prefers in slightly warmer ambience temperature and higher humidity that other calathea species.

Calathea roseopicata


They have this name because the foliage look like rose painted, and it makes interest. Native to the northwestern region of Brazil, this calathea species look eye-catching with splashes of pink that seem to be painted along the veins of its leaves. This calathea is not fussy to care. 

Provide this plant with average indoor temperatures, moderate humidity, and bright, indirect sunlight that can help this houseplant grow well.

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