7 Amazing Alocasia Varieties You Will Love (Update)

 Homiful.com - The most of the striking houseplant with spectacular foliage bring Alocasia popular for indoor. They are native to Asia and Eastern Australia and usually grow to large size. Here we will share to you about Amazing Alocasia Varieties You Will Love (Update). Check it out!

Alocasia Purple Sword (Lauterbachiana)


This Alocasia types have long narrow, shiny green leaves with a sword like appearance. And their leaves (especially under leaves) has coppery hue with tones of purple. The leaves of Alocasia purple sword can grow up to 24-inches long.

Alocasia Macrorrhiza (Giant Taro)


Also known with Giant Taro or Upright Elephant Ear, this type can grow up to 5-feet tall. With gigantic leaves, this houseplant has lime green, glossy arrow-shaped leaves, and without white veins. You can put this houseplant at indoor like at space area that can avoid messy and narrow spot.

Alocasia Wentii


Alocasia wentii can grow up to 12-inches in length. Has the appearance of jeweled deep green shade, surprising contrasting purple bronze underneath. Their leaves have oval shape.

Alocasia Longiloba (Dragon Stooth)


Next, Alocasia longiloba has large, slender, and arrow-shaped leaves. For the top of leaves are striking bluish green, blade margins, the midrib, and primary veins stand out in a lighter silvery-gray.

Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret)


Like the name, Alocasia red secret can find with red/pink tones on their foliage. The looks giving tropical vibes and passionate feel. With ovate, iridescent leaves emerge a soft, subdued coppery green with a pink sheen. The recessed veins are so dark they almost appear black.

Alocasia Hooded Dwarf (Cucullata)


Alocasia cucullata or known with Buddha's hand can bring good fortune at your home as houseplant. With beautiful and glossy green foliage, they adorned with thick, prominent veins on the undersides of the leaves, and wavy, upturned leaf margins.

Alocasia Melo (Rugosa)


Origin in Southeast Asia, Alocasia melo or rogusa has a striking appearance with deep dark oval leaves. The leaves are dense and heavily textured, making for an interest. Sometimes the leaves take on bluish color because they are dark green. You can put this Alocasia types in partial, indirect sunlight.

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