6 Quick and Easy Ways To Identify Houseplants

 Homiful.com - In this world, many houseplant varieties spread out. Sometime, it makes us confused to call what the name or kind of the houseplants. And, if you have the same problem, you come at the right place. See these 6 Quick and Easy Ways To Identify Houseplants that you can apply.

Compare the Plants with Online Pictures


While walking, and you find a houseplant that you don't know the name, you can try to search at internet for the first. Then, you can compare them to identify what the name or types of houseplant you found. It will give you a fair idea about all the information that you're looking for.

Check Into Online Forums


Other way, you can go to online forums to find what the types or name of houseplant that you're looking. For the first, going to houseplant forums. Then, submit the houseplant pictures, and precisely describe at forum. Don't forget to check the replies at your post to find all about identification.

Google Lens


Get simple to identify unknown houseplant. You can take picture the houseplant with Google Lens which is available at your phone. Then, you will get the information about houseplant that you take the picture at internet or website.

Use Different Apps


Besides Google Lens, you can use other application to identify houseplant at your phone. You can use mobile apps like garden Answer, Picture This, or PlantSnap. They will help you to identify and provide detail information about houseplant that you're looking for.

Visit Garden Center or Local Nursery


Getting stuck to self identify houseplant maybe can bring confused brain. You can visit a local nursery or garden center to ask about a houseplant that you're looking for. Just click the picture and show to the staff. If the houseplant at garden center are labeled, you can match and look for the detail information.

Send the Picture or Sample to Expert


Last but not least, you can ask expert for identifying the unknown houseplant. You can visit them or send email and list the houseplant's picture. Try to use close up houseplant to avoid misidentification. And they will be able to provide you with the necessary details.

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