Vastu Tips to Place Money Plant in Bedroom  -- Plants always bring positive things into the house. Houseplants improve air quality, keep the home aesthetically fresh, and improve mood. In Vastu Shastra, plants are believed to keep the residents of the house harmonious, prosperous, and happy. In Vastu plant, money plant (devil's ivy) is one of the best plants. To get a good impact, putting it must also be according to Vastu's direction, which you can find out at a glance vastu tips to place money plant in bedroom

Place it near your bed


Money plants emit carbon dioxide at night. So, it is recommended to place it within at least 5-feet from your bed. You can also place it near electronic devices or gadget in the bedroom, as the money plant can absorb electromagnetic radiation so well. Keeping the money plant in the bedroom will help you get quality sleep. 

Adjust the direction according to Vastu


Ideal for placing money plant according to Vastu. Place it in bedroom in the North, South, East, and South-East directions. The north direction is believed to attract prosperity and wealthy. East to improve social life. South to improve economic status, and Southeast for generous flow of money.

Pay attention to directions to avoid


Avoid West and South-West directions as they can bring instability to your career development and affect your relationship. 

Don't let it touch the ground


Naturally, money plants grow creepers. It's a good idea to make sure your money plant grow upwards. Letting it grow downward and drop to the ground is a negative sign, even though it doesn't harm the plant. Prune the leaves when it is almost touching the ground. Highly recommended hanging a money plant in a hanging pot. 

Give the best care


Money plant is an indoor plant with easy care. However, give the best care for money plants to get it thrive and give you more good benefits. Ideally, water frequently once a week, keep out of direct light, and reduce the use of artificial fertilizer. 

Ideal humidity


The humidity in the room should be ideal for money plant. As tropical plant, the plant grow well in room temperature. However, using an air conditioning will make these plants wither slowly. You can place it at an airy corner or place it near the south-east window to dispel negative energy. 

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