The Best Types of Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) -- If you are a flower lover, you can't miss the Gaillardia flower plant or blanket flowers. The blanket flowers are sun-loving plants, perfect for growing in gardens with bright sunlight. These plants also invite butterflies to the yard, and they are so easy to grow. Having it will make your garden bright in color. 

Find the best types of gaillardia (blanket flower) that you might love!

1. Gaillardia Pulchella


The Gaillardia pulchella has a reddish-brown disc and is surrounded by stunningly graded petals of red with bright yellow-tips. The plant loves full sun, making you don't have to worry about them wilting. This beautiful flowering plant can grow up to 18-inches. It's great to have them in zones 2 through 11. 

2. Gaillardia Aristata


Gaillardia aristata flower is also being known as the great blanket flower. Red rays with small yellow edges surround a yellow disc with small red feathers. At first glance, this flower looks like a daisy. Gaillardia can even live on poor soil. They do not really need well-draining soil.

3. Gaillardia 'Sunset Celebration'


As the name suggest, gaillardia 'sunset celebration' is like a sunset celebration with lots of dark red flowers tipped with soft yellow ribbons. These flowers will not fade even in summer with full sun. They thrive in zones 5-9. The center disk in red with yellow sprinkling adds visual interest.

4. Gaillardia Fanfare


Gaillardia fanfare is a little different from other gaillardia. These plants are not daisy-like rays. It has an orange-red-yellow petals, which are shaped like trumpets around a dark yellow, dark red center. This plant will grow to a height of 15-inches and grow well in zones 5-9.

Gaillardia Mesa Brigh Bicolor


More than a daisy, this flower will probably remind you of a sunflower. This plant has bright petals in a bright yellow with broad bands. The red color surrounds the brown center core. Gaillardia is very drought tolerant, they will even stay in bloom in fall.

Gaillardia Aristata Arizona Apricot


You will this gaillardia aristata arizona apricot. The flowers looks like smilling even in the full sun or hot summer temperature. The appricot-colored petals with orange edges will liven up your garden. This flower grow well in zones 2 to 10.

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