Patio and Outdoor Trends to Follow Now -- More and more people are realizing that they need outdoor space at home. Outdoor space can be a relaxing place to breathe fresh air, and at least relieve stress from the day's indoor activities. 

A patio and garden can serve as an area for your outdoor space needs. Make it stylish and comfortable by adding some interesting trends below: patio and outdoor trends to follow now.

1. Perfect fresh green trend


Patio designs come in a variety of styles. If you are looking for something that gives optimal freshness, design your patio and garden in shades of green and full of natural freshness like this. Green lawn with cool fish pond filled with tropical plants. A patio with a pergola filled with plants will shade your seat. 

2. Vegetable garden in patio


The health trend is up recently. Make vegetable and fruit gardening activities a cool thing to do. You can create a garden of fresh vegs and fruits on the patio. Have a large container to grow vegetables. Even the pergola's frame can be used to grow grapes or vines. 

You can unwind in this kind of patio garden. Just place a pair of outdoor chairs and a set of outdoor dining chairs to complete your day. 

3. Bohemian decor 

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Bohemian trends aren't just for interiors. It's also ideal for patio and any outdoor space decoration. There you can use aesthetic fabric elements and rustic items that gives a warm look and atmosphere. Brighten it up by installing tumblr lights on the roof with vines on it. 

4. More soft throws


The patio trends allows you to decorate it in any way you want. You might want to enjoy the windy weather outside. However, you can still feel warm on the patio. Bring more soft throws as decorative elements as well as patio heaters. 

5. Vintage style patio

via Bohemian Princess

There's nothing wrong with repurposing old chairs and items to create an eye-catching patio items. This will give you a one-of-kind vintage-style patio. The cushions in old-school patterns contribute to the warm shabby atmosphere. Place ornamental plants around the patio to refresh it. 

6. Have some patio shade


It would be better if your patio has a shade. It could be a wooden pergola or a permanent roof attached to the main structure. A shade will allow you to sit on the patio without being bothered by the heat or the rain. 

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