Jade Plant: Meaning, Benefits, Types, and Maintenance Tips

Homiful.com -- Jade plants. You many know this plant as money plant or money tree, lucky plant, silver dollar plant, or even friendship plant.  Jade plant or crassula ovata has many names, due to its popularity as an indoor plant with many positive things about it. Jade plant is a kind of succulent plant with small white and pink flowers. This plant can be grown as a houseplant worldwide. Taking care of it is so easy. Let's find out more about jade plant in jade plant: meaning, benefits, types, and maintenance tips.

1. Jade plant meaning


Jade plant has many positive meanings on it. It is a popular indoor plan as a good-luck charm on Feng Shui. Vibrant green leaves are a symbol of growth. The coin-shaped leaves are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. The flowering jade plant represents energy and joy in friendship. So, no wonder, the jade plant is also a great housewarming gift. 

2. Jade Plant Benefits


Keeping a jade plant at home or office is considered auspicious. Not only attract positive energy and bring good luck charm, but also make your room fresh. Jade plant can absorb carbon dioxide at night and remove air pollutants. You can put it in the bedroom to provide better indoor air quality, while sleeping. In traditional-Chinese-medicine, jade plant has been said to lowering diabetes problem. 

3. Types of Jade Plant


Jade plant native to South Africa. There are at least 200 species of jade plant. You may find jade plant with tear-shaped, oval-shaped or wedge-shaped. Not always bright-green coins, you may have a jade plant with red on the edges of the leaves. This is crasulla ovata 'Minima'. The plant has a bushy structure with leaf cluster and small branches that looks so stunning in a container. 

Jade plant maintenance tips


You don't have to be an expert to have this plant at home. Jade plants are great plants for novice gardeners. This plant has a forgiving nature. It loves bright light indoor, but the plant can grow in low light. Jade plant needs watering every 2 to 3 weeks. Be sure to choose a planter with drainage holes to let excess water drain.

Jade plant flowering


Jade plant produces small pink or white flowers. The plants need to be mature to produce its stunning flower. At least, it takes 3 to 4 years to flower. However, even if it doesn't flower all year round, your jade plant will remain healthy under ideal growing conditions. 

Jade plant display ideas


There are many ways to display your jade plant well. Some jade plants can grow with dangling leaves like this. Makes it great as a plant in a hanging pot. 

Jade plant bonsai


You can also have an artsy jade plant like this one. The jade plant is grown as a bonsai tree. At the same time, making a miniature garden with rosette succulent will make it a stunning display on your table. 

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