How to Make Anthurium Bloom Easily

How to Make Anthurium Bloom Easily -- Anthurium is known as the most amazing flowering houseplant that grows well indoors. Also known as flamingo flowers or painter's palette which can give a touch of luxury to your interior at home. With the right care, you can grow this plant in a fertile way until it blooms beautifully. Read on for this review to get the flamingo plant to thrive.

How to water anthurium


During the growing season from March to September, you can give water anthurium plants about once a week. Just when the soil is dry, your water it regularly and not excessively. During winter or entering the dormancy season, anthurium needs water about once every 2 weeks, you can do this watering frequency for each anthurium plant that has different conditions.

Moisture is needed for anthurium?


Because it comes from a tropical plant, this plant is considered a tropical green plant that grows as an epiphyte. Therefore, anthuriums needs moist environment for proper growth. About 80 percent more anthurium plants like moisture. Create moisture for this plant by watering room temperature water every day.

Avoid placing anthurium plants in an outdoor area or without shade, such as windowsill that gets too much sun. This method is very easy to make the plants dry so keep the humidity in the room.

In addition, you can maintain the temperature on the plant around 15 - 32 degrees Celsius. Keep the temperature at night around 20 degrees Celsius and during the day around 30 Celsius.

 Can anthurium flower


This anthurium plant with heart-shaped green leaves and very attractive for home decoration will bloom with a red spathe that blooms. These leaves will be modified into true plant flowers with small bumps called spadix or spathe. The flowers of this plant will last a long time indoors, and the spectacular bright red color lasts for months.

Get anthurium flowering every year?


Anthurium flowers can last about 3 months or more and produce new flowers throughout the year if properly cared for and with maximum light. Anthurium can survive in warm locations, if placed in an area that lacks light and cold this plant will produce few flowers.

How to make anthurium bloom

See some ways to grow anthurium flowers well, you can use fertile soil that drains well. Use a container with proper drainage, provide watering when the soil is dry, make sure to get enough moisture, fertilizer every month and place it in an area that receives indirect light.

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