How To Grow Succulents Outdoors In The Garden - Popular houseplants that easy to care, succulent can put at indoor or outdoor area. The characteristic with fleshy stems and leaves that can retain water under desert conditions. Here we have you to learn about How To Grow Succulents Outdoors In The Garden that can try at home.

How to Grow


Things you should pay attention to begin growing the succulents include must know how the plants grow well. Growing at outdoor, you can make the succulents placed in location that full sun to part shade for growing. Afternoon shade is beneficial if your locale is especially hot in the summer. Search the soil that sandy loam and drains well and has a slightly acidic pH balance of 5.5 to 6.5. Improve the drainage with humus and gritty horticultural sand to add organic matter and acidity.


Succulents have roots that fragile and shallow, so handle them with care. Set each plant into the own mound, or mound the entire garden. You can cover the roots with enough soil to anchor them firmly. Watering the plant with waiting the soil until dries out completely and then water deeply. For the fertilize session, apply the fertilizer to the soil, not the foliage, to avoid burning the leaf.

The Tips for Growing Succulents


To make your succulents grow well and keep it in stunning and beautiful looks, you can see about the tips:

  • Water infrequently and deeply
  • Provide sandy and well draining soil
  • Choose the location with full of sun to part shade
  • Leave room for spreading
  • Select the companions with similar cultural requirements
  • Mound the soil to avoid rotting

Pruning and Maintenance


Keep the succulents or garden free of weeds and leaf litter that may block sunlight and compete for water. You can use clean pruners to snip off damaged, rotted, or desiccated leaves that you notice during the growing season. 


Make prune the leggy plants, where there isn't enough sunlight available. Besides cut scraggly stems just above a leaf node to promote bushier growth, over watering is the reason why plants turn the color may be over.

Managing Pests and Diseases

Growing plants at outdoor garden make you must be aware. Especially from pests like Aphids, mealybugs, and other. Besides pests, hungry wildlife may take a new nibble, include squirrels and deer. 


You also must be aware with the disease that attacks the plants like leaf spot, root rot, powdery mildew, and other. To face challenges on plants in the outdoor garden, you can avoid moisture stress to defense against both the pests and diseases. Flora that is too dry or too wet is vulnerable.

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