Growing Elephant Ears in Pots : Tips and Advice for Success -- Elephant ear is the name for the genus Colocasia. This plant is popular as an ornamental plant and makes it widely planted in the yard because some of its varieties can grow very large. However, many also make it an ornamental plant and plant it in pots. Of course, you have to pay close attention to the care when planted in pots. For some things you can know, check the following article about Growing Elephant Ears in Pots: Tips and Advice for Success.

Elephants ear in pots


Elephant ears are generally planted outside the house, but you can also plant them in pots, which will make it easier when you want to move them. Planting elephant ears in pots will also make it easier to move them indoors in winter. In general, elephant plants will stop growing in winter. Leave it at room temperature in winter, so this plant can grow well in summer.



Basically, this elephant ear plant loves sunlight and when you place it in a pot or indoors, you can place it in an area that has bright indirect sunlight. Keep this plant away from heating vents and drafts, as this will likely dry out the edges of the leaves.



For watering, this plant likes moist soil and regular watering. If you are growing it in a pot, pay attention to the size of the pot and estimate the water absorption. When the soil starts to dry, immediately water your plants so that they come back fresh. Use clay or ceramic pots with large drainage so that water does not inundate the roots.



Regular fertilization will be liked by this plant when it is growing. However, stop fertilizing in winter because no matter how hard you fertilize, the plant will stop growing because it is in a period of rest. Fertilize regularly when winter is over.

Tips for your elephant ears


Tips that may be useful for elephant ears is about the lighting. Green leaf varieties prefer bright light, while those with non-green leaves prefer shade. Then, keep the elephant's ears away from windy areas because it will break the trunk. The last tip is when the edges of the leaves are dry, you can use a container of water to soak the pot.

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