Fishbone Cactus : How to Grow and Care for this Unique Houseplant -- Having unique leaves, this fishbone cactus is rarely known and is one of the cacti that has different care. Usually, desert cacti don't like watering and also prefer full sun, but this fishbone cactus is different. For treatment, check the following article about Fishbone Cactus: How to Grow and Care for this Unique Houseplant.



Has another name, zigzag cactus, this plant likes bright and indirect lighting. In its natural environment, this plant grows in the shade by receiving light from the cracks, so placing a fishbone cactus indoors will certainly be a pleasure.



This fishbone cactus loves well-drained soil. You can mix the husk with peat or a mixture of orchid skin for maximum water absorption. Meanwhile, in terms of fertilization, you can use succulent fertilizer in early spring. However, if you have soil that contains a mixture of organic fertilizers, this cactus does not need additional fertilizer.



For watering, this fishbone cactus is different from other cacti in general. You can water this plant regularly. But make sure that 2 inches of the soil surface is dry. Flush with water that is room temperature and not too cold, and make sure there is no chemical mixture in the watering.



The placement of this fishbone cactus is also very important for you to pay attention to because this plant likes warm and humid temperatures. Make sure you place it in the right area with a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Common problem of cactus fishbone


Problems that will appear on this fishbone cactus usually arise due to watering errors or improper lighting conditions. Some of the problems he experienced include legged growth, leaves with brown spots, and wrinkled leaves. However, this rarely happens if you have properly cared for it.



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