Essential Tips for Keeping Your Houseplant Happy -- Plants need proper care for them to reach the peak of their lives. No matter how simple and easy they are. Plants that grow healthy will look happy. Seen from the luster of the leaves, and the strength of the roots and stems. 

Some plants may need extra attention. However, as momma or daddy plants, you should know some important tips to keep your plants healthy and happy. Find it how on essential tips for keeping your houseplant happy

1. Get the right potting soil


Some indoor plants tend to grow in any environment. However, the less nutrients they are, the less great this plant becomes.

Make sure to choose potting soil that your houseplants will enjoy. You can use potting soil for indoor plants, instead of outdoor potting soil. Begin with a standard potting mix that contains air, moistures, and nutrition balance. 

2. Required watering


Pay attention to watering. Other hate over-watering, while other despise underwatering. Learn about your houseplants' water requirements. Water it regularly as needed. 

You can do a finger test for some plants. Stick your finger into the soil to check the moisture level. If it feels dry, it's time for the next watering. 

3. Clean from dust


Sometimes, your room is dusty. The dust can stick to the leaves of houseplants. This can block light for their photosynthesis process. Dust can also invite insect. Thus, making the leaves no longer shine. You need to clean the leaves from dust regularly. Use a soft clean cloth or regularly mist the leaves.   

4. Periodic health checks


Take the time to watch how the plant grow. Signs of unhappiness can be seen from how the leaves and stems look. Periodic checks will also let you know which pests and disease may have attacked the plant, before it  was too late.

If the leaves look wilted and dry, the roots are starting to limp, it's time for you to save the plant. By making changes to the way plants are watered, fertilizer, or pruned. 

5. Give them the ideal lighting


Light greatly affects how the quality of your indoor plant's leaves. Many houseplants prefer bright, indirect light. Plants can also be placed in areas based on how much light they require. A window sill with 6-8 hours of bright, indirect light for example, will benefit indoor plants like pothos plants. 

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