Clean Boho Decor Ideas for Simple and Comfy Living -- The busier the activity, it makes us just want to rest comfortably in a well-organized house, even though it is simple. Clean Boho decor style will help you to get it. Boho's clean interior focuses on giving optimal comfort. With a personal touch that keeps the house looking personal in a Boho style trademark. 

For those of you who desire a simple and comfortable home, here is Clean Boho Decor Ideas for Simple and Comfy Living.

Embrace white and wood hues


Clean Boho decor is the answer for those of you who have a small house. Simple arrangement but with personal aesthetic make a small house well-optimized. Use white for the walls and vinyl or wood for flooring. These two colors give the living room a bright and cozy look at the same time. Live it up by choosing rustic-style ornaments in vertical areas that make it so Boho. 

Added modern features

Clean Boho decor wants you to be completely happy and comfortable at home. It's okay to make a home with natural feel, even with modern TV set on it. You can install a modern TV that fits nicely on the wall. This will make you get the best relaxing time, even just watching TV in the living room. 

Don't miss the rug


You may often see Boho interiors with layer after layer of fabric. Don't miss that too, but keep it simple. You can cover the center living room floor with a seagrass rug. As in other Boho interiors, this kind of rug will give a cozy and warm ambience to the room. 

Personalize your bedroom

Free you to personalize the bedroom as you wish. Different from other rooms, the center wall in black color give a cool masculine impression, and provide a calming atmosphere. Freshen up the room by putting some good indoor plants for the bedroom. You can add the aesthetic value by installing ornamental things, such as seagrass, rattan ornaments, and black-and-white personal pictures on the walls. 

Have a coffee corner


Have a corner that suits your needs or hobbies. You can make a minimalist coffee corner at home, if you are a coffee lover. Make it as simple as this, with a pair of chairs and a mini bar table. Install floating shelves to put plant decorations, sugar jars, and more. Every morning, you can enjoy a cup of coffee here.  

Let the natural light come

As the name implies, clean Boho interior decor displays a space that looks naturally bright. Make sure you have windows or glass doors that allow natural light to enter. Cover the windows/glass doors with sheer or white curtains to smooth the incoming light, so it doesn't dazzle and get too hot.  

Surround yourself with plants


Incorporate plants in a clean Boho decor style. Artificial plants are fine, but live plants are better. Plants will give a fresh vibe and keep the house from being stuffy. In a small room, install floating shelves to put the plants as room decoration. 

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