Cissus Discolor : How to Grow and Care for The Rex Begonia Vine -- Cissus discolor is an ornamental plant found in the tropical forests of Java that propagates beautifully. This plant has beautiful leaves that look like begonia rex so that is the reason for playing it rex begonia vine. Many people like this plant as a hanging ornamental plant or as a vine. For treatment, you can check the following article about Cissus Discolor : How to Grow and Care for The Rex Begonia Vine.



This cissus discolor actually likes planting outside with warm temperatures. However, when placing it indoors, you can place it in an area that has indirect bright light. Give this plant a warm glow and keep it looking great all year round.



Besides liking warm temperatures, this plant also likes moist soil, so you need to water it regularly in spring and summer so that the soil does not dry out completely. To keep it moist, you can also place it on a pebble tray to keep it moist.


You also need to fertilize this rex begonia vine 3 times a week in spring and summer. You can use liquid fertilizer if you place it in a pot indoors. During winter, you need to keep it warm and avoid over-watering.


In fact, this plant will grow well throughout the year when the air is humid and warm. However, what you need to pay attention to is the pruning. You can cut off some of the annoying stalks and make this cissus discolor grow neatly on its posts or trellises.

Common problems


The problem that often occurs in this plant is scorch marks or brown spots on the leaves. This may be due to excessive sun or too dry air. When this happens, you can inspect the soil and move it to a more moist, shady area.

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