Boho Ideas to Take a Simple Bedroom into Next Level -- Tired of the same simple bedroom design? Design your bedroom in a minimalistic Boho manner. It's style that frees you up to put your favorite things in the room. More patterns, more colors, more warmth, but the room still looks spacious and airy. It is possible to achieve with the proper setting. Learn more in Boho ideas to take a simple bedroom to the next level

1. Be free with more colors, patterns, and textures


If you used to feel limited by using light colors in a small bedroom, try to break free from that constrain. Make the bedroom more dynamic by using bright pop colors and colorful floral accents on the black center wall.  

Make this bedroom completely yours by adding multiple layers of soft furnishings in your favorite textures and patterns. 

2. Have a lively decoration


Do you have a similar attic bedroom? You can arrange it in a clean-look style. It looks spacious and cozy with white and wooden floors. By using vibrant and lively decorations, you can avoid boredom. Add indoor plants that can liven up the attic bedroom atmosphere. Pick the plants, such as ZZ plants, snake plants, and others. 

3. Perfect up&down feature


Think carefully about the bottom (floor) and top (ceiling) design in your bedroom. It's no problem to use a low bed like this. Underneath, a large seagrass rug will add a unique Boho rustic style. A vertical garden with pothos plants and rattan hangers enhances the appearance of vertical space. 

4. Make a big statement


In the bedroom, experiment with form dynamics. Boho bedrooms prefer simplicity, but with a touch of warmth and freshness. A low bed with a thin layer of rattan wall-cladding looks so rustic. Make a big statement by surrounding yourself with large leafy plant like Monstera delicosa. 

5. Use soothing earth colors


In your bedroom, you can use earth tones. White will make a small bedroom appear larger. Adding a brown or terracotta color to the pillowcase give a cozy feel to the room. The green plants around it will add a freshness that will make you want to stay in the bedroom longer. 

6. Wide effect with big rug


You can add a wider and larger effect by adding a big rug that almost covers the entire floor. Rug like this will keep your bedroom warm, especially good for winter. Besides being warm, this rug with a geometric pattern will also make your bedroom more lively. 

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