Balcony Garden for Small Spaces -- Luckily if you have a balcony at home, small size doesn't matter. The balcony can be your best place to relax. A place for you to release all negative energy and fatigue. If you're not sure where to begin to get a nice small garden balcony, start by looking at the pictures and interesting ideas of the beautiful small balcony below!

So alive with plants


Some plants prefer to grow on balconies. They thrive in the bright, shady light. So, it's not wrong for you to set a shaded balcony into a garden or a special spot for plant care. Complete with comfortable outdoor benches for you to enjoy the beauty of the plants here. 

Green up the balcony


The garden is always associated with a green environment. Likewise on a small garden balcony. Green up the ambience on the balcony. It's quite easy, simply lay down a smooth grass carpet on the floor surface. This instantly creates a green atmosphere that matches the plants you put there. 

Bring an outdoor lounge chair


There's nothing wrong with a small balcony garden. You are even blessed if you have a balcony overlooking the city atmosphere which is so beautiful to look at. Don't go overboard with the balcony decorations. Why bring other ornaments if the plant is sufficient? Just bring a white lounge chair like this one to enjoy the outside view. 

Brighten up with color


Just plants and chairs alone make the balcony less vibrant. Liven up it by bringing colors to the balcony. You can choose yellow and terracotta pots on the balcony. You can also paint your outdoor rattan chair a bright yellow color. It will give you a new spirit while you are here. 

Bring a focal point


Even a small garden balcony needs a focal point. Focal points will draw attention and eliminate boredom in a dull environment. Bring a hanging egg chair to use as a focal point on the balcony. This hanging egg chair has an elegant design that will turn your small balcony into an Instagrammable spot. 

Get railing planters


You might prefer a balcony that looks bigger like this one. You can get it. Minimize the placement of furniture or decorations on the floor. Instead, use railing planters or vertical planters to add more plants to a small balcony. 

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