Amazing Science-Backed Pothos Plant Benefits -- Pothos is one of the most popular plants, and almost all plant lovers have it. The following reasons may be the attraction of this one plant. For that, check the following article about Amazing Science-Backed Pothos Plant Benefits.



Easy Maintenance


This plant has become popular because of its easy maintenance, even for beginners. In fact, this plant tolerates a lot of neglect and can adapt to almost any indoor conditions, so it is also known to be hard to die. However, in general, these plants are placed in areas that have sufficient light and humidity that is not too high.

Exposure tolerance


Although ideally this plant is in an area that has bright indirect light, this plant can still grow well even in darker areas. Even if it keeps growing, if you want a larger pothos size, it would be better to cater for its light needs. However, if you have enough size, you can place it anywhere without worrying.

Easy to propagate


Instead of having to buy it with a new plant, you can propagate this pothos from the parent. The easiest way is to cut it with sharp scissors and then place the base in a glass of water. Wait a few weeks for it to grow roots, and you are ready to plant in a pot, or you can also let it grow in water.

Air purifier


One of the advantages that many people like is its ability to clean the air naturally. According to a NASA study, this plant is able to remove benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and also toluene in the air. Many put this plant in the bedroom to make it more quality rest with clean air.

Stunning for decoration


Being popular along with hanging plants, this pothos is also one of the best for houseplants. You can hang it with leaves that stick out beautifully, or you can add small sticks to the pot to propagate the pothos to make it neater. There are many ways to make a room look beautiful and fresh using pothos as decoration.

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