8 Ways To Add A Bohemian Touch To Your Home Decor

 Homiful.com - Get perfect your home design and decoration with Bohemian style. Especially if you have narrow and small house, you can try this style to keep pretty in limited space. Then, look these 8 Ways To Add A Bohemian Touch To Your Home Decor.

Make Useful the Narrow Space with Mini Bar

Utilize space area in your small home into useful spot. Make mini bar that can use too for dining table near the kitchen. With efficient and simple mini bar furniture, you can use similar hues for stunning. Then, add hang lamps above this mini bar table as lighting.

Additional Lighting at Small Kitchen Area

Small kitchen that you have can add some lighting for spacious and look tidy. You can pair the LED or other light source under the hang cabinet. It can be your additional lighting in the kitchen and avoid gloomy accent for small area.

Hang Rack on the Wall to Saving Space

Cabinet table that can use as storage at your room maybe make tidy and clean the area from messy items. Then, if you have more items, you can make additional storage like hang the rack on the wall. Not only as storage, you can display the picture or other ornaments in this hang rack area.

Put Plants Near the Additional Shelf Cabinet

Taking the advantage of space area for useful spot maybe can help you from messy things in small home. With space area near cabinet, you can put vertical open rack at this area. Use it as bookcase or storage or display your ornaments. Then, put fresh plants that can give pleasant nuance around it.


And next, you can decorate porch that located at front or back area at your home. Put sofa or sitting furniture from deck. Then, coat the furniture with cushion to give comfy feeling while you get to relax and waste time at this area. Using Bohemian style in porch, you can add some natural material like rattan, wood, and fresh plants around. You can also give a curtain around the porch to get pretty ambience.

Living Room

Small space make you must be clever to divide and design it. Make the living room area use open concept for more spacious and look bigger. Then, you can use Bohemian hues for relax and pretty ambience. Put mirror on the wall and some fresh plants to give natural atmosphere.

Bedroom in Sloping Ceiling

Having room with sloping roof? Hmm, don't be panic and confuse to design and decorate it. Bedroom with sloping roof can design pretty and comfy with not using bed frame and just mattress on the floor. But, you can also use short bed frame or use pallet or deck as foundation of your mattress. Then, minimize the items in the bedroom that can make tidy and avoid messy accent.


Make your small kitchen use bright or neutral hues for spacious and bring Bohemian style. You can make the kitchen set use L-shape or U-shape to saving more space. Then, with wood floor at kitchen, you can make the cabinet using white or neutral color. Hang rack or pole as hanger storage on the wall that can avoid messy and dirty kitchen.

Dining Room

For dining room, you can locate it after living room area. With open space of living room, you can utilize the area for dining table place. The dining table can be your barrier between living room and kitchen or other room. Then, make the lamp using rattan hood for Bohemian style. Don't miss about plants that can give fresh ambience.

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