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7 Types of Violet Flower by Homiful.com
Homiful.com -Purple flowers are a popular addition to many gardens and feature prominently in elegant floral bouquets. Famed for their powerful yet calming hues, purple flowering annual and perennial plants bring a touch of grandeur, nobility, extravagance, and even a few royal-esque notes to borders, planters, flower beds, and cut flower arrangements.

Here you’ll find 7 of our favorite purple flowers that will thrive in a range of growing zones and regions around the world. Homiful.com have  included a brief care guide for each so you can find the perfect pick for your own unique growing patch.
1. Aster Alpine Blue Aster Alpinus
image : seedempire.com
Aster Alpine Blue Aster Alpinus is a herbaceous perennial native to the mountains of Europe. Alpine Aster can be established from Aster seeds, and this particular variety features bright-green foliage and produces blue to violet, daisy-like flowers with golden yellow centers. Alpine Aster begins to bloom in late spring, and the showy flowers appear throughout summer and into fall attracting butterflies and bees. 
2. Allium Plant
Image : tulipstore.eu

Allium Gladiator has got a large, round flower and the plant is about 125 cm long. With its large lilac purple flowers it stands out in any garden. Very suitable for the border or as a cut flower. Bees and butterflies love alliums. 
3. Erica cinerea
Image : gardensonline.com.au 

Erica cinerea like full sun, but scorching hot summer sun will not be tolerated easily without some afternoon shade.

4. Purple Bougainvillea 
Purple Bougainvillea : gardening.krishibharati.com

5. Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush ; gardenhow.net/ 
Buddleia (Buddleja, also written Buddleja), is a common garden plant that was imported from China in the 1890s and has now become naturalized on waste land, railway cuttings, and in urban areas. The genus was named for Adam Buddle (1662–1715), an English botanist who was responsible for its introduction into the country.The common name “Butterfly Bush” comes from the fact that the blossoms attract butterflies.

6. Callistephus chinensis
Callistephus chinensis : plants.ces.ncsu.edu
7. Purple Coneflower
Image : /wallpaperping.com
Plant these in long drifts of gentle zig zags in front of larger shrubs to create a very natural look in your backyard. They'll pair beautifully to create a restful oasis with other cool tones, such as False Indigo, Butterfly Bush, Salvia or Russian Sage. Underplant with Ajuga groundcover to complete the look.

 So, there you have the most gorgeous yet different types of violets. The flowers are extremely versatile and show a wonderful range. You can grow violets to keep your garden colorful during fall, spring, summer, and even frost.
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