7 Tropical Houseplant to Bring Your Home to Life

7 Tropical Houseplant to Bring Your Home to Life

Homiful.com -- Tropical ornamental plants can bring the room to be cooler and refreshing. Some tropical ornamental plants are famous for their beautiful flowers with large, patterned and variegated leaves. You can choose a list of some of the best tropical plants for the following room at home. 



Tradescantia is an ornamental plant that is dominant with purple color. Grows vines and can be included in the class of tropical plants for the windowsill of the house. It is easy to care for and can grow in neglect.

Philodendron Pink Princess


The beautiful, popular tropical ornamental plants have pink leaves with a combination of green and a little variety of accents. This pink princess philodendron ornamental plant has waxy leaves with a wide surface and can be 22 cm long by 12 cm wide. This tropical plant grows well indoors as a decoration.

Monstera variegata


Monstera plants are known for their broad green leaves and splits. This tropical forest plant loves humidity with bright and indirect lighting. This types of monstera variegate have leaf surface with beautiful firm patches to be placed in several rooms of the house such as bedrooms. Living rooms and family television rooms.



The palm tree is a symbol of the immortality of all things tropical. It grows well indoors, and you can place it in the corner of the house for a stunning display. Make sure to provide proper watering even if not so often, this plant likes partial sun.



Next is Calathea which is a type of tropical ornamental plant with quite a lot of types. And this variety has a unique leaf pattern like peacock feathers. Fresh green leaves will make a fresh impression on the room.

Philodendron Plowmanii


Philodendron do tend to have large sizes, these plants with the best impression have fibrous leaf surface, mature dark green colors and are tall. Philodendron plowmanii is also well-loved for its heart-shaped leaves, and striking gradations.

Boston fern


Plants that are suitable for greening media in this house are ferns. Ferns species plants with unique leaves growing 40 - 50 cm long will look lush and fill the pot. Place it in the corner of the room with a hanging planter to make it more attractive.

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