7 Stunning Living Room Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com -- The living room is one of the most important parts of a house. Having a comfortable living room will give a positive impression on guests who come. Not only that, you also need to think about the beauty of the living room. One way to maximize it is to decorate it using plants. For some ideas, check out the following article about 7 Stunning Living Room Ideas with Plants.

Green living room


This living room has a fresh look with green in its interior. The addition of plants in this living room will make a very suitable concept to be combined with each other. You can use a lighter planter, so it's not monotonous.

Neat hanging plants


This living room with soft colors looks fresh with the addition of hanging plants that are neatly arranged. You can use a few inches between each plant. Don't use too many plants if you want to maintain a neat impression on your interior.

Pastel look


Pastel pallets are indeed very interesting to be applied to furniture and home interiors. Like this one idea, you can also add some plants with pastel pots to make them blend with the pastel color concept that has dominated. The presence of plants will give a very refreshing touch to this living room.

Walk in storage


Storage on a unique wall like this living room will be an interesting thing to try. You can not only use it for plants, but you can also use it to arrange books or other decorations.

Plants that surround


To spread freshness throughout, you can place plants around the sofa. Place the plant on the edge, so that there is still a comfortable space to sit back and talk.


Hanging plant with twigs


 If you want a natural style in your living room, you can use additional hanging plants like this idea. The addition of twigs will make your interior more attractive and will be liked by many people.


Urban jungle concept


Urban Jungle is becoming a popular concept by adding lots of plants to the room. You can choose this plant according to the location and humidity conditions of your home. Make sure the plants stay comfortable and fresh when they are indoors.

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