7 Stunning Houseplant with the Unique Leaves

7 Stunning Houseplant with the Unique Leaves

Homiful.com -- You all certainly crave ornamental plants with a stunning appearance for home decor. Find one in the list below. Make sure this list of plants will make your interior much more unique with focused attention every time it passes.

Watermelon Peperomia


This plant has exploded in popularity among houseplant lovers thanks to their stunning watermelon patterned foliage. They have compact growth habit, and their leaves area not only colorful but also have a shimmery stunning when the sunlight catches them. Native to South America, watermelon peperomia are tropical plants that grow naturally in the rainforest understory, and adapt exceptionally well to indoor growing.



This is awesome, stunning houseplant you most have. Best foliage with unique motif, have clearly visible leaf fibers. This dominant white leaf color will brighten your room at home with youthful care and grow in clusters.



Next up is the stunning houseplant are so beautiful for our interior at home is begonia. Have the best foliage, looking good motif and shape like 3D visual if looking with eyes. Begonia with red leaves, have unique combination polka dot motif.

String of turtles


Also known as peperomia prostrata is an absolutely lovely trailing plant known for the stunning variegated patterns on its leaves that resemble a turtle's shell. String of turtles is a semi succulent. it is native to Brazilian rainforest, not to dry areas like most succulent, but it has succulent-like leaves that store water.

Stunning philodendron


Like golden hour for philodendron. Prince of absolute stunning orange color, this has baby was on wishlist everyone. Glossy leaves, so impressive to see. You can give the fertilizers, light and go away from pet and diseases.

Snake plant


This stunning houseplant popular with name snake plant or Sansevieria. The snake plant has seen a steady uplift in interiors over the years and was hit in the 70s. An incredible snake plant will show up on the corner of the house. They like light, fertilizer and grow up without care off.

Calathea Red Mojo


Stunning of calathea red mojo features pinkish-red leaves. Young leaves emerge bright green and will later turn light pink and eventually darken. Plenty of indirect light and increased humidity will keep your Reed Mojo looking sharp.

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