7 Popular Philodendron Types + Pictures and Facts

 Homiful.com - Most Philodendron types that area vining embrace the tree trunks that grow in rainforests at South America. This plant can mean with tree loving. Over Philodendron types live in filtered shade or sun under those canopies. And here we have some of 7 Popular Philodendron Types + Pictures and Facts that you can learn.

Philodendron Brasil


Philodendron brasil has a pretty look, with lime green stripes in the center and random splotches of yellow across the leaves. This plant easy to maintain, so you can keep the hardy qualities with other cultivars. Philodendron brasil tolerate medium light without an issue, but they need brighter areas than most philodendron. It can maximize the plant's variegation.

Philodendron camposportoanum


This Philodendron type look charming compact. With velvety and very dark green leaves, they slowly turn heart-shaped and develop longer rear lobes as the plant matures. The foliage of Philodendron camposportoanum has reddish hues mixed with green pigments, and in brighter spots. And it can shine with pink highlights. They can grow to climb, but stay compact.

Philodendron atabapoense


Philodendron atabapoense is a plant that grow climb and easy to care offers elongated, thin, sword-shaped leaves. With maroon undersides and feathery texture foliage. This plant more narrow form when it's young mimics the look of the rare Spiritus Sanctii.

Philodendron moonlight


Philodendron moonlight has lime green, electric leaves with pointed and broad foliage. The new leaves at this plant have striking yellow color that gradually darker as the plant ages. New growth also offers shades of red, and both direct and indirect light exposure will keep the foliage.

Philodendron imperial green


Look attractive, this philodendron types perfect for beginner. With vibrant green, this plant offer a bush like growth habit with broad foliage that can get impressively large. Place this plant in indirect light to grow well. This plant can grow climb. And the new leaves will emerge a much lighter color and darker as the plant matures.

Philodendron florida ghost


Philodendron florida ghost is hardy plant that need stronger lighting than the other philodendron. Has eye-catching plant, this plant has creamy white on the entire leaf to a mottled and hazy green.

Philodendron birkin


Philodendron birkin is low maintenance than most philodendron types. The compact plant very slow to grow, but it'll eventually get around 2-feet tall at full maturity. Use well draining soil that will dry out at least halfway before watering this Birkin. Because philodendron birkin is prone to developing issues with root rot.

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