7 Plants You Can Grow in Your Indoor Water Garden

Homiful.com -- Is it possible to have an indoor water garden? The answer might be. You can have a water garden that refreshes your home. For example, by making an aquarium containing ornamental fish, a container pond, and others. Your water garden will also more cool with plants in it. Here it is 7 plants you can grow in your indoor water garden.

1. Anthurium


Create a stunning Anthurium water garden. Anthurium can grow and live well with submerged roots like this. You just need to place it in a clear glass with regular water. Place it in an area where the sun comes, such as a window sill. With a good care, Anthurium will even grow its beautiful flowers. 

2. Devil's ivy


One more green plant that will be part of your indoor water garden. Devil's ivy plant can grow well in a container filled with clear water like this. You can choose a chemical tube container to get a scientific-style indoor water garden. Add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to make it thrive. 

3. Madagascar lace


You may want a more lively indoor water garden? Opt out for a sleek glass container filled with bright pet fish. Don't leave the fish alone, accompany them by choosing the Madagascar lace plant. Madagascar lace is the perfect plant for an aquarium. To plant it in water, make sure the Madagascar lace bulb remains submerged and half-buried in the substrate. 

4. Chinese Money Plant


The fishbowl aquarium is maybe your kind of indoor water garden. Having a pet fish with natural elements that make him happy. You can place rocks and oxygen-producing plants, such as the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomiodes). Let the leaves grow sticking out of the fishbowl. You'll get a super nice room decoration. 

5. Water Lettuce


Aquatic life does bring joy. Complete your indoor water with the water lettuce plant. This plant floats on the surface of the water. It has green leaves that are arranged in a circle and stacked. The leave's texture is soft and hairy. Usually, water lettuce is a place for pet fish to keep their eggs. This plant also wilts quickly in water, making it suitable for indoor water garden. 

6. Calla Lily & Amazon Frogbit


Get a new desk pond in your home. Glass container with clear water, you can place calla lily and extra frog bit. Calla lily with green leaves will give a fresh tropical atmosphere. Meanwhile, frogbit plant with round leaves floating in the water will make the desk pond lively. 

7. Creeping Jenny


Why not have a pond in the kitchen? Brighten up the pond with plants that can grow in your indoor water garden. You can plant a creeping jenny. This plant grows with creeping leaves and gives the impression of a more vibrant pond. It's so easy to care for, just cut it when it's spread too wide. 

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