7 Plants That Reduce Humidity | Get Fix Your Air Quality

 Homiful.com - Constantly running out the breath is the way that you need fresh air at home. Besides then, it could indicate that too humid at your home area. To be known, humidity in the air can lead to a number of problems. And here, you need some plants that can reduce humidity. Look these 7 Plants That Reduce Humidity | Get Fix Your Air Quality that can try to place at home area.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera usually can use for medicinally and beauty. This plant can put at indoor that can make you have benefits. Like reduce the moisture and help you to have good air quality. Aloe vera is easy to care that can put them at sunny and be sure to water every few weeks.

Peperomia caperata 'Burbella'


Also known with 'pennywort', Peperomia is excellent plant that can help you to reduce humidity at home. With attractive leaves that fleshy and small, it can improve your home looks. Keep the soil of Peperomia moist to grow well.

Spider plant


Other plant that effective to absorb the humidity is spider plant. This plant is favorite of gardener because easy to care, diversity, and adaptability. Spider plant is hardy that grow quickly and easily. You can put this plant by hang on the ceiling or put at tabletop.

English Ivy (Hedera helix)


English ivy is houseplant that best to reduce the humidity. This hardy houseplant can survive in low light and tolerate with dryness as well as dampness. If you wanna improve home look, you can put this English ivy. But, make sure trim off the leaves the vines regularly to promote growth and keep it from taking over.

Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)


Boston fern has beautiful look that suitable to put as houseplant at indoor. They can absorb the humidity and make you have good air. Put Boston fern in indirect light, preferring medium light levels over direct light or darkness. And they also can tolerate in both low humidity.

Air plant (Tillandsia)


As the name implies, this houseplant can grow without soil or water. You can hang this houseplant on the wall for pretty looks. They also can reduce the humidity at your indoor area. Put the air plant in filtered sunlight throughout the day for best absorbing nutrients at air.

Lilac plant


Get tropical and flowery at your indoor area. Like lilac plant for the example. Besides can improve your home looks, they can absorb the moisture at indoor air. And it can bring healthy air and good air quality.  The leaves and flowers also can use for medicine, include reducing fever and aiding digestion.

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