7 Indoor Plant Fast Growing - Various and Look Fantastic

7 Indoor Plant Fast Growing - Various and Look Fantastic

Homiful.com -- Having plants will bring peace and beauty to any room. You may be inspired by these fast-growing plants. Not infrequently, plants can grow well and are ideal for all your rooms. Here are 7 favorite plants that you can choose to fill the room  with easy care and grow to reach the desired size.

Snake plant


Snake plant is an ornamental plant that is suitable to be added to the room. This dominant green color mixed with yellow stripes is one of the plants that is easy to care for and difficult to kill. This plant can grow quickly by spreading through underground stems, commonly called rhizomes.

Boston Fern


Next up is the Boston fern that thrives indoors. Place by hanging using a basket. A great choice, a tough plant that looks like it can give life again. Provide extra moisture because they really like and hate being exposed to cold winds.

Areca palm


Areca palm comes from Madagascar, which grows to height of up to 3 meters. Grows fast in spring and summer. Place it around a window facing south or west and don't place it in direct sunlight too much. Give fertilizer so well, area palm have easy to maintenance.

Clusio rosea


This is an indoor ornamental plant that can grow fast, fertile even in the wild. Provide a supply of bright, indirect light, regular watering and constant humidity. Survive short provide of drought and does not like soil that is too wet.



Tradescantia is in fact considered a stunning ornamental plant. Growing spread, vines do not even need watering. This plant grows either outdoors or indoors. To maintain its appearance, place it around the windowsill and away from the sunlight that is too hot.

Peace lily


Peace lily are America tropical rain plants that grow well for about 1 - 2 years. With enough care, this plant will bloom repeatedly every year. Need watering infrequently and not too often to avoid drought that causes the plant to droop.

English ivy


English ivy is a perennial indoor plant with a green color. The plants that are used as decorations for this room grow beautifully with hanging baskets. Likes a room with beautiful lighting for its development. It gets frequent watering, the roots of this plant will rot.

Schefflera Arboricola


Umbrella plants are the most sought after indoor plants today. Glossy leaves, drooping elegantly from the central stalk like an umbrella. It tolerates low light well and is a vigorous plant growing aggressively under the right conditions. It is considered toxic to pets and causes a burning sensations if ingested by humans.

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