7 Hanging Basket Plants That Can Be Grown From Cuttings

 Homiful.com - Plants at home maybe can make fresh and relax atmosphere. You can select hang plant that can bring simple and save more space. Look to these 7 Hanging Basket Plants That Can Be Grown From Cuttings and apply at your home.

English Ivy


English ivy is a beautiful plant with unique foliage. Has botanical name Hedera helix, you can grow this plant with cutting. Take a stem cutting with at least two sets of leaves. Dip the end in the rooting hormone and grow it in a pot filled with soil.



Philodendron is low maintenance plants that easiest to grow too. Moreover, this houseplant can grow from cutting that make help you and beginner to grow Philodendron at home.

String of Banana


String of banana has cute foliage that can function with stem. String of banana or Senecio radicans can propagate easily with cutting the stems. Plant it in soil, provide dappled light and keep it moist all the time. It will root in 3-6 weeks.



Pothos or Epipremnum aureum has gorgeous foliage that perfect for hanging houseplant at indoor or outdoor area. You can propagate them with cutting concept. Just choose a healthy stem and cut 4-6 inches below the root node. Grow it in water to multiply easily.

Tradescantia Zebrina


Tradescantia zebrina or can call with inch plant is the one of plant that can multiply with cutting. Easy to grow, this houseplant is a fast-growing vine that creates beautiful scenery by hang it. Propagate them with cutting the stems in water.

Ruby's Necklace


Ruby's necklace or Othonna capensis is a trailing vine that has bean-like foliage with a green purple hue. They can propagate from stem cutting and makes for a beautiful plant for hanging planter.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine


Thunbergia alata or black eyed susan vine can improve your house looks. Hang this beautiful vine charming in hanging baskets that can bring attractive. You can propagate this houseplant with cutting concept. Snip off a 6-8 inches long stem and remove the lower leaves. Root in a pot filled with potting mix.

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