7 Gorgeous Bathroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Homiful.com -- A well-designed bathroom can serve as your ideal haven. A place for you to relieve fatigue, boredom, and stress by taking a warm bath or washing your body in a relaxed manner. 

We have compiled the top bathroom ideas and images in 7 gorgeous bathroom decor ideas and trends to help you create the  best bathroom at home. 

1. A small but noticeable curtain

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Even a small bathroom can be your perfect sanctuary. Choose shades of white on the floor and wall tiles to give the impression of a bigger space. You can have an open bath underneath the shower instead of the box. To add the privacy you want, adorn it with small curtains in a pretty floral pattern. 

2. Set the mood with lighting


When you get home from work, you might want to take a relaxing bath to get rid of your sweat and fatigue. Adjust the mood you want with the lighting arrangement. You can hang string lights with cozy twinkling lights there in addition to the small candles that you light around the bathtub. 

3. Warm and earthy tones


This bathroom design has lots of warm and earthy tones. Using tiles with a natural patterned grey color that give the bathroom a cool vibe. The warm nuances of the windows and the bamboo accents complete the bathroom. 

4. Unique wall decor

via Bohemian Princess

Decorate the center wall of the bathroom with gypsy or ethnic artefacts, which give it a unique Boho vibe. 

5. Plants in the bathroom


Humidity-loving indoor plants can thrive well in the bathroom. For a fresh, natural jungle vibe in the bathroom, fill the corner of your bathrooms with plants or hang them from the ceiling. It will be better if the bathroom has glass windows and skylight that give the plants direct, indirect light. 

6. White and earthy tones 


Get a cozy, refreshing atmosphere even in a small bathroom. You can make the bathroom walls white and use natural wood  accents on the floor and walls around the vanity. Give the illusion of a bigger space by installing a large mirror there. 

7. Lively tile selection


You are free to design the bathroom in any style thanks to the current trend. The bohemian look is a timeless style and still popular today. You can use tiles of various colors, textures, and patterns to get a lively and fun bathroom. 

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