7 Elegant Ways to Display Your Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Houseplants will be a versatile interior element. They can work as air freshener and air filters. You will get a cleaner and healthier air to breath. A good arrangement will also make plants an decorative element that beautify your living space. 

Find out stylish ways t display your plants at home! Here are 7 elegant ways to display your houseplant!

1. Give a stunning contrast

It's nice to have a pretty pink succulent like this. Show it in an attractive style. Use ceramic pots with good drainage for this plant. You can add a beautiful contrast with white pebbles. This will make this lovely pink little plants even more stunning. 

2. Get a cute hanging planter


Small and low plants such as succulents must be managed carefully. How to make small plant look elegant even in the room is a fun homework. A hanging planter is one option. Small hanging planter in cute shapes and colors will help to draw attention to your succulents.  

3. Let the leaves dangle


Yes, using hanging plants to decorate your vertical space is a good idea. If plants in hanging pot tend to creep along with long leaves, don't be in rush to prune them. Let the leaves grow long and dangle beautifully from hanging pots. That way, plants will even serve as natural curtains.

4. Use a stake to enforce


Your Monstera variegata should be fashionable. Don't let the beautiful leaves droop. If the growth of a monster-like plant is starting unsteady, you can add stakes (coir and iron poles to strengthen the plant). Monstera that grows upright with its special leaves will instantly make your room elegant. 

5. Kokedama style


Kokedama is the art of caring for plant with soil and moss balls. This is a one-of-kind way to make your houseplants a stylish decor element. Even a money tree looks nice with an ornamental necklace hanging from it. 

6. Wall mounted planter


Some of us like to use walls as a place for displaying plants. This is simple to realize. Just install a floating shelf or purchase a wall-mounted planter such as this one. Even low-maintenance plants like devil's ivy look lovely in this setting. 

7. Water propagation


Water propagation is a method of multiplying plants by using water media. If you like the look of plants with thick roots and healthy leaves like this, you can leaves them in the water longer. This way, you'll get a fresh and unique houseplant. 

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