7 Easy Perennials Anyone Can Grow

Homiful.com -- Having perennials is the most cost-effective way to beautify your home. Plants with a long life cycle will provide easy care and freshness for years. Choosing one of the many perennial plants is quite challenging, especially for a beginner. To help you, here is a list of 7 easy perennials any one can grow

1. Sedum


Sedum is a perennial plant that's resistant to heat, drought, and even disease. This plant grow bigger every year. Sedum blooms in the late summer and early fall. Its nectar-rich flowers will attract butterflies and bees. They do have a stunning flesh foliage all season long. Sedum thrives in hardiness zone 3-10. 

2. Purple Coneflower


Purple coneflower offer a pretty look with brown, black, or orange cones surrounded by light purple petals. The petals dropped back gracefully. Make the coneflower a gardener's favorite showy flowers. This plant can grow tall and grow well even in  poor soil. 

3. Phlox flower


Phlox flowering plants will add color and beauty to your garden. This plant blooms in pink, white, red, and other colors from midsummer to fall. Plant them in a full sun or sunny location in in moist, well-drained soil. It's a good plant for zone 4-8. 

4.  Hosta


Hosta are perennial evergreens with large tricolor heart-shaped foliage. Hosta will add instant freshness to your garden. This plant thrives in partial shade with rich, mildly moist soil. This plant is a favorite of deer and slugs. So keep an eye out to ensure that your host plants are not devoured by slugs in the garden. 

5. Salvia


Salvia is a flowering plant with pretty purple flowers. This plant is well-behaved and blooms every year. The beautiful salvia is also a sun lover. You can grow it in area with full sun. It's not a fussy plant, salvia can grow on any type of soil. They can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide. 

6. Coreopsis


This bright yellow plant looks great in a sunny bed or as a border plant in the garden. This is a perennial that every plant lover should have. They can grow in poor soil and are hardy to heat and drought. It's an excellent plant for hardiness zone 4-9.

7. Daylily


Once planted, day lilies require little attention. You just need to plant it in a sunny spot and clean it of weeds. Thus, day lily will give you one-day-bloom flowers during the summer. Even so, day lilies can also survive in partial shade, but their flowers are more limited. 

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