7 Breathtaking Bedroom Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com -- The bedroom is the part that you need to pay attention to so that your rest can be better. One of the things you can do to make your rest more comfortable and quality is to bring plants as decorations in the bedroom. Plants are known to clean air pollutants that will interfere with your air quality. For some ideas for decorating a bedroom with plants, check out the following article about 7 Breathtaking Bedroom Ideas with Plants.


Neat arrangement


Although small, this bedroom has a neat arrangement by leaving space on the right and left which is used to place the side table and also plants on the rattan planter. You can also place hanging plants in the corners of the room.



Big plant


Plants with large sizes, you can make decorations that can refresh the whole room. Choose plants that have leaves that are difficult to fall, so that your room is kept clean.



Plant shelf


This bedroom seems to have a refreshing plant curtain. You can use wall shelves with overhanging plants filling them. Or you can also place it near the window so that the room is more shady.



Snake plant for clean look


Not only can it clean the air well, having a snake plant in your bedroom will give it a fresh and tidy look. The stiff and thick leaves will be difficult to pollute your room. This is the best choice for those of you who like a clean and tidy look.



Simple bedroom decoration


The simple look of this bedroom will be perfect for those of you who like a clean and tidy look. Use a wall shelf filled with vines to keep the room looking fresh and impressive.

Green interior


Interior shades of green will be an attractive choice for your bedroom that you want to decorate with plants. Choose a soft green color on the walls of the room to make the plants look stand out. Present a window design that will make the plants have sufficient lighting.

Modern bohemian idea


This last bedroom features a modern Bohemian style that uses eatrh-tone colors with warm wood and rattan furniture. Placement of plants is of course the best combination for this bedroom. You can choose various sizes of plants that you can place around the bed.




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