7 Best Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Homiful.com -- Imagine your small bathroom only has little lighting. You may feel stuffy and dark, making you feel suddenly claustrophobic. Lighting plays an important role in a small bathroom. It can make a small bathroom look bigger. Some types of light can even set the mood in the bathroom. 

Find more of the best lighting ideas for your small bathroom in 7 Best Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas.

1. Pendant lights


Your small bathroom needs good lighting. A small bathroom with Scandi-Boho style looks good when using pendant lights. Set the pendant light near the mirror to provide bright space when looking in the mirror. You can also arrange a flush-mounted ceiling light for the main lighting of the entire room. 

2. Flush-mount ceiling fixtures


A small bathroom requires ambient lighting to make the interior space clearly visible. You can choose the type of lamp that's mounted on a visible surface and is usually flush with the ceiling or wall. One of the is a flush mount ceiling fixture. 

The ceiling lighting combined with natural light illuminates the blue tiles creating a harmonious and fresh fee in the bathroom. 

3. Pendant lights with unique hood


You can have a small bathroom with a vibrant Bohemian atmosphere. Pick the type of pendant lamp for ambient lighting as well as a bathroom decoration element. A colorful pendant lampshade can be used to enhance the atmosphere of a colorful bathroom.

4. Venetian glass chandelier 


Choose a lamp that complements your preferred style. A small bathroom with a bathtub looks elegant with blue wallpaper with a classic floral pattern. This will look even better with a matching classic lamp. You can choose a Venetian glass chandelier for a stunning small bathroom design.

5. Get an accent lighting


If you feel the bathroom look so plain, get an accent lighting in a small bathroom. Accent lighting will highlight features and add visual interest to an object. Add drama and make a small bathroom more special by installing lanterns with unique glowing lights.

6. Wall sconces


The vanity area is an area where you can install accent lights or task lighting. Place two wall sconces around the vanity mirror. It can work as task lighting to provide more details on flaws when you reflect on it. 

7. LED lighting ideas


You can use LED lighting to add "aaah" and "oohh" factor in the bathroom. Install it on floating vanity units to add drama and change the mood to be more futuristic. Anyone who sees it will awestruck and forget about how small the room is. 

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