7 Amazing Positive Energy Houseplants for Home & Office

Homifine.com -- Plants in the house have become decorations that are much preferred because they can spread freshness and provide cleaner air. Some plants are also symbols of good luck and also for perfect feng shui. Some of the following plants will be perfect for spreading positive energy in the room. For that, check the following article about 7 Amazing Positive Energy Houseplants for Home & Office.



Lucky Bamboo


 When you hear the name, you immediately think of a plant that can spread positive energy throughout the home. This plant represents peace, prosperity, and happiness in feng shui. Many people braid their lucky bamboo to make it look more unique.



Golden Pothos


 If you want a plant that is simple to care for, this is the plant for you. This plant, in addition to being easy to care for, can also spread freshness because it grows by sticking and creeping. With this plant, you will have a room with fresh air.



Jade Plant


 If you are a feng shui fan, having this jade plant is of course familiar. This plant is considered a lucky plant that can make the room feel calmer and minimize stress. When you have it, you will take care of it easily, even if you are a beginner.


Peace Lily


In addition to the jade plant, peace lily is also known as a source of positive energy in the form of peace and tranquility according to feng shui. This plant also has beautiful white flowers, and you can place it anywhere, including in humid areas and low light.


Snake Plant


The snake plant has become a popular plant because of its easy care and tough leaves that do not pollute the room. Having a snake plant in your home is also known to be a very good natural air purifier, so you can have one with many advantages.




Besides being able to be processed into medicine, this eucalyptus will be a houseplant that will spread its positive energy well. Its calming aroma can also repel insects, and you can have a comfortable room and the leaves can also be put to good use.




Apart from being a good air purifier, Calathea will also spread its beauty with its uniquely colored leaves with stunning motifs. This plant is also known as a prayer plant because the leaves close as if looking up at night and open again during the day.




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