Tips to Identify and Prevent Peace Lily Diseases -- Peace lily is one of the perfect ornamental plants because of its beauty and ease of care. Having peace lilies is common for plant lovers because it is more flexible to place anywhere. However, you need to pay attention to the care, several things can happen to your peace lily. To overcome this, check the following article on Tips to Identify and Prevent Peace Lily Diseases.



 How to Identify

Even though it is classified as a plant that has easy care, it is possible that the peace lily you have several problems. It can usually be identified by several changes such as wilting leaves, yellowing leaves, rotting roots, and will also usually kill your plant. If you see these characteristics, it is appropriate to take treatment so that the plant can survive.


 Root rot

Root rot is usually the most common occurrence in peace lilies. Usually this disease comes from Cylindrocladium spathiphylli and Phytophthora parasitica. This root rot is usually obtained from water or soil. So make sure that your water is not infected with a pot that has good drainage.




If you find peace lily leaves that are yellow and wilted, it could be that your plant is infected with a water fungus that causes root rot. If you examine the roots, you will usually find that they are black and mushy. Avoid excessive watering and can replace it with new soil and watered with antifungal.



Mosaic Virus


In general, the peace lily has green and fresh leaves. However, if you find peace lily leaves have a mosaic pattern, you need to take care of them carefully because this is a sign if your plant is infected with a virus. If you encounter it, actually this virus cannot be treated, and you can start with a new plant if the peace lily really can't survive.

How to prevent


To prevent some of these things from happening, you can use spotless water and also prepare fresh soil. Repotting is also necessary for plants to have healthy roots. Also, apply some pesticides as needed to get the pests to go away.

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