The Most Popular Plant with Beautiful Foliage

The Most Popular Plant with Beautiful Foliage -- Flowers are part of plants that are always highlighted because of their beautiful colors and also provide beauty. But the leaves are also very reliable on ornamental plants that have different motifs, colors and shape. You can also collect ornamental plants with beautiful leaves, without flowers. You can put some of these plant list into your search list for plants with beautiful leaves for decorating your room or garden at home.

Piper crocatum


Piper crocatum is a vine or trailing plant that is very loved because of its beautiful leaf color. Make this plant very exotic for home interiors and become indoor plants. Slender stems with pointed pads, heart-shaped leaves can grow to about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Begonia Brevirimosa


The following tropical plant is Begonia brevirimosa. Has a striking leaf color, red with thin green leaf veins that are exotic. Its glossy and attractive appearance makes this plant the target of many gardeners. You need to take care of it by paying attention to some guidelines such as soil, radiation, watering and also proper fertilization.

Dioscorea Discolor


This beautiful ornamental plant originating from Ecuador and Brazil has spectacular leaf color from twisted purple stems. However this discorea discolor does not have impressive flowers, but no one cares for its stunning leaves, resembling a stained-glass window in the shape of a heart.,

Alocasia melo


This type of alocasia with thick leaves and prominent veins is a Alocasia melo. The turquoise leaf display grows large for a terrestrial plant. Can grow to about 1 - 2 feet tall, with leaves 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. Likes partial shade, watering is enough every time the soil dries up.

Philodendron lynnhannoniae


This beautiful philodendron with unique thick-veined and very prominent foliage refuses to grow in partial sun. With low maintenance, moderate to high humidity is perfect for this plant.

Caladium Sweetheart


As is known, caladium is one of the plant with thick arrow-shaped leaves with various patterns and colors that are complicated but look beautiful. This plant will give a bright look to a dark room and can also be used as a bedding plant.

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